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Who we are

We are Ink Paper Art, a premium letterpress printing studio located in Valencia, Spain.
We craft luxury one-of-a kind, custom-made, printed materials – invitations, business cards, stationery.
If you are as crazy about special, beautiful paper and cardboard products, then we invite you into our world.

Let’s get to know eachother


  • 7 years in advertising
  • Favourite words: to dream, to try, to do
  • Living on Cloud no 9. Words & coffee lover.


  • 14 years in advertising industry
  • Favorite words: precision, accuracy, brevity
  • Down to earth. Gadget & coffee lover.

Our Studio / Workshop

What we do

We like to get our hands dirty with ink, we like to smell and feel the papers, we like to bind beautiful books, we paint walls or we knock nails and, most of all, we love to sleep on the studio couch when we’re too tired.

We admire the simplicity and uniqueness of each object we have to print and kind of trying to suspend the time when we are in the process of printing. We find inspiration in every ordinary or special paper, in every colour of an ink, in a tree, in the stars, in the mud, but also in every friendly talk we have with our special clients or in a strong coffee during the night. Our designs are minimal, smart and bright and will definitely bring your stationery the punch you have been looking for. The quality of our work is just a reflection of the attention we give to every detail you mention in a conversation with us.

We are passionate about craftsmanship of all kind, interior design, old books, vintage photography, typography, calligraphy, fine stationery and packaging.

Entrust your story to us and prepare yourself to be surprised!

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