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The letterpress printing method originates in the XVth century Gutenberg era and it has been widely used until a few decades ago.
Later on, digital printing took its place, speeding up the process, but making it less personal.

A bit of history for those who appreciate all things beautiful

Letterpress printing has lately reemerged as an alternative for those customers who desire a different kind of product, one that cannot be obtained through modern printing techniques – something closer to a work of art than to mass production.

Letterpress printing is now being used exclusively for luxury printing.

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Letterpress printing does more than communicating your message – it allows you to let everyone know you appreciate fine details and choose to deliver it with style!

Letterpress Ink Paper Art

For those who appreciate an old wine, an inherited jewel and… luxury printing

Our dream casting machine that turns every project into an unique print is the Heidelberg Windmill, a top of the line printer in the 1950s and the must-have for every letterpress studio today. We mastered this craft and we put it to the test in our studio, unaltered, just like in the old days.

This effort requires time, patience and manual labour. Thus, for every drawing or word you wish to see printed, we create a shape which by applying pressure turns an ordinary piece of paper into a tridimensional object that you will treasure.

For every printed colour, the paper passes through the press once more and although it slightly takes longer than the digital printing for example, the result is absolutely breathtaking.

Let’s print something beautiful